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Innovate your look by using Scarves in an easy and fun way!

Life is too short. Look amazing in your video calls!

Most of us are now working from home and participating in countless video calls.

ScarfApp provides you with tips that will help you look stylish and chic during your online meetings.


Your signature style will leave an impression wherever you go. Your personal brand will be stronger and unforgettable with just one accessory and ScarfApp.

How does it work

1. Download ScarfApp and pick up your scarf

2. Choose a knot style

3. Follow the step-by-step instructions and rock it!


Scarf, cape ou wool scarf?

Know the difference:

It is common to have doubts about the difference between scarf, cape, wool scarf, pashmina. In addition to inspiring you to innovate the look, here you also learn a little more about these indispensable fashion items.


It is the most practical and versatile accessory we know, ideal for all seasons and all budgets (budgets). It can be worn around the neck, in the most classic way; or in more creative ways like on the head, on the waist and anywhere else your imagination allows. It is easy to identify by its square shape and thin and light fabric, and can be made of cotton, satin, silk, linen, in addition to hundreds of colors and prints.


The Shawl is made of lighter fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, voile, in a rectangular shape, wider and longer, and may have fringes at the ends (finish).

Usually the scarf is worn over the shoulders or around the neck, giving a more tidy and casual touch.

Combines with party looks, blazers and dresses.


Pashmina is an incredibly soft and light fabric of Asian origin (it can also be recognized as cashmere, depending on the thickness of the threads) that fell into the world of good taste. A pashmina is used to compose the look in cold or hot weather, without too much weight.

You can find plain pashmina in hundreds of colors and designs, or in the form of scarves, scarves, shawls.


Of all, it is the most hybrid accessory, being used by men and women.

Generally the shape is rectangular, being made of heavier and warmer fabric, usually produced by hand (in manual) in tricot (made with wool).

The scarf is an indispensable item in cold climates, offering a voluminous and cozy appearance. It also allows several forms of use, prints and colors.

Download the free version of ScarfApp!


  • A timeless and indispensable accessory, suitable for all occasions and seasons;
  • Transform your look to appear even more creative, funky, casual, charming, modern... with a great scarf, you create your style and the image you want to convey;
  • Even if you prefer a minimalist closet, you can look stylish with the use of handkerchiefs;
  • A scarf is ubiquitous in all physical stores and online, with hundreds of colors and prints;
  • Accessible for all pocketbooks;
  • It is universal, and can be used by all ages or age groups, cultures, gender identities;
  • It can be found in ecological and vegan fabrics on the internet or in physical stores;

Reasons to buy the ScarfApp

Dozens of moorings or knots to use your favorite accessory on your hair, neck, shoulders, waist, and more;

Assistance in the palm of your hand, on any IOs or Android device, for you to consult anywhere and at anytime;

Inspire others by sharing your look of the day on Instagram.

Strengthen your personal brand, gaining more autonomy, style, and consequently, more self-esteem and self-confidence.

And all this, with very little investment!!!

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